Refund Policy

Unsatisfied with what we offer?

Cancellation Policy Aprintaa believes in clarity and simplicity when it comes to our cancellation procedures. Here are the guidelines for our policy:

  1. To initiate a cancellation, please forward your request to our billing team or liaise with your designated Account Manager. A cancellation is deemed official only after confirmation from the relevant department.
  2. We will only entertain cancellation requests made within 12 hours of order placement, provided the project hasn’t commenced.
  3. Aprintaa is not accountable for any third-party services, which may include but are not limited to hosting, web development, content creation, and similar services.

Refund Policy Given the specific nature of our offerings, Aprintaa does not assure any refunds post-cancellation. For monthly billing arrangements:

  • Payments for the upcoming month are processed after evaluating the performance of the preceding month.
  • Aprintaa does not provide any assurances based on traffic, rankings, or any other metrics and will not entertain any refund requests based on these factors.